I interviewed Murder Dog magazine founder Black Dog Bone over at RBMA. He is a rare legend whose life and legacy goes much deeper than gangsta rap publishing, touching on revolution in Sri Lanka, punk in Iowa, pet shops in Dubai and more.


tinyhandsman asked:

you seem to get angry when other people like things



This is such a ridiculous misread of what I do that it makes me want to quit forever. But I get it. I’m dealing with people who have been taught to define themselves by the things they consume. So they interpret any dismissal of something that they’ve enjoyed as a personal attack. And if you think someone is attacking you then yes the natural conclusion would be that this person is angry. At you. For liking something. I can assure you that this not the case. Your taste in things does not define your person and I almost certainly do not care about either.

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“He is incapable of making “Fuck you” his first response—or even his first thought. Being black has taught him how to allow white people their innocence. For black people, being around white people is sometimes like taking care of babies you don’t like, babies who throw up on you again and again, but whom you cannot punish, because they’re babies. Eventually, you direct that anger at yourself—it has nowhere else to go.”
— Hilton Als, “A Pryor Love”. White Girls, pg. 224.